Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview SDK Available Now With Easter Egg

The Android world has been abuzz (dumb honeycomb joke) today since the Android 3.0 Honeycomb Preview SDK was announced on the Android developers blog.

Honeycomb is the long awaited version of Android that is optimized for tablets. It was first publicly rumored at IFA in early September when asked Samsung about the next generation of tablets. From there more and more information leaked out until finally we saw the first tablet with Honeycomb on it, the Xoom, when Andy Rubin had it with him at Allthingsdigital’s D: Dive Into Mobile event.

Android 3.0 is optimized for larger tablet sized screens and features a “holographic” UI. It also allows for non-fixed button operation as most of the buttons are incorporated into the UI.

More On Android 3.0 and the Easter Egg after the break

Other highlights include:
A new UI framework built from the ground up for tablet sized screens.
A new 3D graphics engine called Renderscript
Support for multi-core architecture
New enhancements for Rich Multimedia
And much much more. We suggest you take a look at the posting on the Android developers blog

The blogpost does remind developers this is only a preview SDK and apps built with this SDK need to be finalized in the official build. Apps built in the preview sdk can’t be pushed to the Android market.

It didn’t take long but is already reporting that at least one of the easter eggs is a really cool honeybee (seen above) that can be found by going into settings, abouut phone and constantly hitting Android version.

Source: Android 3.0 (Android developers blog)
Easter Egg: Ausdroid

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