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Accessory Spotlight: Trident Cyclops Series Case

First I want to say normally I’m actually completely AGAINST cases on phones as I believe you should be able to care for something if you want it…

Now to the review… I LOVE THIS PRODUCT IF you fit its need… I honestly don’t know why but I love it alot… I was sent a Trident Cyclops case for a Samsung Galaxy S and it just works… Its rugged enough to be able to handle falls and has a built in screen protector that if I had while I was working on a car for Nexus One might have stopped engine oil from getting on screen.

You can drop the phone and nothing will happen to it, I love it. I was told not to try and put it in water to see if makes phone water proof also, so can’t vouch for that. It does look/act/feel bulky but for those who are saying going to an amusement park or working  on cars or in a construction yard or taking a trip to the beach this is what you need.

However once you get around the fact that your phone wont be damaged with this case on, thats where it fails… The screen protection on it doesn’t work all that well until a little user modification happened. We cut it off… The covers for the USB and the Headphone jack are a pain to take off once on. Which is good to stop dirt and things from going in but bad if you are wanting to use it. How the case is, makes it so the sides of the phone are hard to use which makes this case something that a heavy user wouldn’t be interested in but someone who either can’t stand up for a while without falling or doesn’t want to risk the phone being damaged from where they are going or working this is for you. The Cyclops line comes in 7 colors: Blue, Yellow, Black, Red, White, Orange, and sadly Pink.

I personally give my complete ok on this product if you are worried your phone may be damaged where you go, besides that for a heavy user like my self I can’t see me using this. This seems like the first bonafide competition for Otterbox.

About the writer. Brent F is our west coast event reporter. In addition he used to own his own website.  Brent F is the founder of a new app development company

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