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8th Grader Kicks Angry Birds Out of Top Spot

14 year old Robert Nay is an 8th grader from Spanish Fork Utah.  He has done an amazing feat and kicked Angry Birds Seasons out of the top spot on the Apple App Market with his  cross platform, easy to play, but addictive game called Bubble Ball.

Bubble Ball borrows from Angry Birds “physics” style of game play. It’s sheer simplicity is probably one of the things that makes it so attractive.  He realeased the game to the iPhone App Store on December 29 and Android a week later all while as his holiday vacation from the 8th grade was coming to an end.

Typically with a headline like this you may have expected a story about a 14 year old getting the highest score possible, but really this is the biggest win.  Robert Nay isn’t alone his mother did help him with some of the levels however when you consider that Rovio is a team of 50 engineers who have been designing games for years, this is no small feat.

Nay designed Bubble Ball using the Corona SDK which allows the developer to develop cross platform games.

The game is free for both Apple and Android and hasn’t caught on quite as well with the Android community yet.  Nay plans on adding in game purchasing. He also plans on doing more games in the future.

Check out Bubble Ball by Clicking Here

Source: Venture Beat

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