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74% Of Mobile Apps Used More Than Once

When we read the source piece (listed below) the headline was 26% of Apps downloaded used only once.  Of course that’s a large number considering there are over half a million mobile apps available in the world today. But 74% is a much larger number so let’s talk about that…

Localytics, a research firm that specializes in tracking “engagement” released this study today which concluded on January 26th.  The results are very good for mobile app developers. Localytics studied thousands of IOS, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry apps using their real time app-analytics program. All one time uses of apps were grouped into the quarter they occured in and then calculated as a percentage.

While the source piece is suggestive that 26% of apps only get used one time, as we stated above the 74% that are more than one use is way more to talk about.

With the rapid growth of mobile apps and the fact that many sites have predicted that mobile apps will grow to a $15 billion dollar a year business, how many times a user actually uses an app could be a very important statistic.

Of the 26% remaining you could factor in an app that may have only called for a single use by the end user, or as Localytics suggests, first impressions are everything.

Source: Localytics via Business Wire

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