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Zynga: Mafia Wars to Android, No Word on Farmville

“I have given you XXX in my mafia family” how many of those direct message tweets or facebook messages have you received? Tons right? That’s because the Mafia Wars franchise by Zynga is one of the most popular social networking games in the world.  Right next to their Farmville franchise.

Zynga announced that they are bringing Mafia Wars to the Android platform by the end of the month.  Zynga has 21 million active users (which is 15 million more than even foursquare) across facebook. In addition to Mafia Wars, Zynga’s David Ko told the LeWeb Conference in France today that they were making Android a priority and will release more titles to the platform.

Zynga ported their flagship Farmville to iPhone in June of 2010 which has about 60 million active players.  No word on why Android was selected for Mafia Wars but millions will be happy abou tthis announcement.

Source: Nextweb

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