Yahoo Prepping Layoff of 600 to 700 Workers

Nearly two years ago Yahoo hired Carol Bartz as their new CEO to turn the company around. When she was hired in 2009 she announced her intentions to “Get yahoo some breathing room” so they could “kick some friggin butt” two years later she is about to layoff another 600-700 people conveniently before the holidays, is this what she meant?¬† This is her 3rd mass layoff for the company that’s been struggling to compete with the likes of Google, and some new found fire in AOL.

An insider spoke to the associated press saying that these layoffs would be mainly from their US products division and could happen as early as tomorrow. Yahoo currently has about 14,100 employees and this is the 4th layoff in 3 years (3 being under Bartz’s leadership)

Source: Associated Press

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