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Walt Mossberg to Blackberry CEO: So You Decided To Chain Yourself To The Lowest Common Denominator

While I sit here and try and come up with other words, there’s no way to say it other than, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher kicked Mike Lazaridis’ ass…

We’ve been waiting for the Boo Ya moment of the All Things Digital D: Dive Into Mobile event, kind of like our favorite from D8 where Steve Jobs told Mossberg and Swisher that Hypercard was more popular then flash… Well it came in the interview with Mike Lazaridis CEO of RIM/Blackberry.

Mossberg and Swisher wanted to know what every iPhone and Android journalist, enthusiast and evangilist wants to know, what does Blackberry say about the competition when every major poll and ratings site says they are falling.

Lazaridis hedged and hedged some more:

Kara: I used to love my Blackberry, but I don’t have one anymore. “It was an abandonment of it.”

Walt: “Something has happened” over the years to “your iconic leadership.”

Kara: “Not in Sumatra,” but here, in the United States.

Mike: We’re running a business. We invented the smartphone. We decided to go global.

Walt: So did you decided to chain yourself to lowest common denominator technology?

Lazaridis seems to be oblivious to both Android and IOS. It was unclear where there focused strategy was in terms of phones and smartphones. Blackberry was instrumental in the evolution of the smartphone just as IBM was intstrumental in the evolution of the laptop… now what? Playbook will launch early next year and RIM hopes to ship 10 Million in the first year. Analysts are saying they may not hit that mark.

Go for it, you need to read the rest of this interview. Click Here


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