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Verizon Wireless Rolls Out Chicken Soup December 5th (LTE)

Yes you heard it right Verizon Wireless is kicking off their 4G LTE campaign this Sunday with 38 Cities across the country.  According to Verizon Wireless’ Tony Melone on a conference call with reporters (thedroidguy included), Verizon’s LTE Chicken Soup will cover most of the I95 Corridor and most major cities from coast to coast.

The Verizon LTE Chicken Soup will debut with an LG USB Stick for $99 after a $50 mail in rebate starting Sunday. Pantech will follow up with another USB stick very soon after.  Pricing for service is in two simple plans $50 for 5gb and $80 for 10gb with a $10 per gigabyte overage. Melone also let us know that the overage was unlimted, as long as you want to pay $10 per gig you can.  This is contrary to other carriers who cap your data after a certain threshold is reached.

Melone praised his team of over 7,000 engineers and technicians who have worked around the clock to allow Verizon to offer such a large LTE footprint.  Melone was excited about the USB sticks that will debut and pumped about introducing smartphones and other devices at CES in January.  He also said that LTE smartphones would be released not in 2nd quarter but by 2nd quarter, clarified in the question and answer session.

Melone in his closing remarks before the Q&A session said that he would like to equate this to Android. Android was great when it came out but Verizon getting behind it made it what it is today. While Verizon has made a commitment to Android they are by far not the only reason Android has been so susccesful in fact Android is doing better around the world in other countries than just the United States.

Ina Fried of asked a question about meshing voice with data, and the possibility of voip via LTE, she also snuck in and asked how it would impact LTE when the iPhone is on the network. Melone said that VOIP is possible via LTE but it won’t take the place of their bread and butter voice business they’ve been doing since the beginning, dodging the iPhone bit completely.

So why Chicken Soup?  The very last question of the Q&A  session was “The ITU has determined the 4G is 100mbps download mobile and 1gb download fixed how is this 4G”  at the very end of the call Jeffrey Nelson of Verizon said “I don’t care if you call it Chicken Soup it’s launching Sunday” so there you have it we called it Chicken Soup!

We are definitely excited about Verizon’s LTE launch whether they want to call it 4G or not. The most exciting part of the announcement is that 60 very frequented airports including Atlanta, BWI, Charlotte, Dallas are all covered starting Sunday!

Here’s a link to Verizon Wireless 4G LTE Site Click Here

Source: Verizon Wireless

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