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Verizon Teaming Up With Apple For Double Trouble?

We are an Android focused website so we haven’t been reporting on the rumored iPad 2.  However the iPad 2 rumors are as hot and heavy, and almost as credible, as the iPhone coming to Verizon rumors (we mean leaks).

Well today, Digitimes, is reporting that the iPad 2 is coming in three versions with wireless capability UMTS, Wifi, and CDMA.  Of course this means the iPad 2 could also be coming to Verizon but with Verizon and Apple all buddy buddy these days, that’s a bit unlikely.

Verizon is set to debut 3 and possibly 4 Android based 4G/LTE handsets from HTC, Samsung and Motorola with a possibility of the LG Star as well. They are also lined up to carry the new Motorola Honeycomb tablet, possibly called “XOOM”.

Motorola’s Sanjay Jha said in his presentation to Credit Suisse, that the competitive landscape with Verizon is changing. Jha told the Credit Suisse Technology Conference “at Verizon, there is a competitive dynamic developing there, which may have an impact given our strong relationship with Verizon. I think that may have an impact on our first quarter.”

At that time we are pretty confident that Jha was only referencing the iPhone. The iPad 2 puts a whole new dynamic in place.  Verizon already carries the Samsung Galaxy Tab and as of late has dropped the price by $100.  The leaked photos of the Motorola Honeycomb tablet show the Verizon emblem on them as well.

This is definitely going to change the game and make it much more competitive at the nation’s largest carrier.

Analysts, tech journalists, power brokers, in fact everyone under the sun has been weighing in on how an Apple-Verizon partnership will affect Android.

Well first, Android is still offered by all 4 carriers in many unique form factors which allow the customer to decide which features they need and which features they don’t.

Apple has a stringent pricing policy that we are all aware of. It will be a long time before any I device on Verizon gets discounted. Carriers are regularly putting Android devices into their promotional mix.  Android’s rock-solid value proposition will definitely fare in Android’s favor.

Openness, Variety, Choice they are all points that should show Android is clearly on top, that and market share.

However with most of these points the success of Android and iPhone for that matter is actually not in the executives hands, the press’ hands or Wall Streets hands. The success of Android in this new competitive dynamic relies on the customer and the sales person.

Source: Digitimes

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