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Verizon May Pay For Semi-Exclusivity With Iphone? What about Droooooid

Kaufman Brothers Analyst, Shaw Wu made some bold predictions about Verizon and the impending iPhone, that actually make a lot of sense based on the way that Verizon Wireless operates.

Of course it would make sense that Verizon doesn’t want the iPhone to go to T-Mobile or Sprint. Apple has already sold through 14.1 Million iPhones world wide last quarter.  Wu predicts that 62 Million iPhones will be sold in the next year and that Verizon’s share will equate to 8-12 million of those, but what if more carriers jumped on board.  Overseas the iPhone market is scattered across more than one carrier, including T-Mobile.

Wu said because of these factors “We are hearing that [Verizon] does not want iPhone, the hottest selling smartphone, available on T-Mobile USA and/or Sprint and may be willing to pay for exclusivity to itself and AT&T”

As we all know Verizon paid over $100 million dollars in advertising for it’s partnership with Motorola to bring their high end Android devices to Verizon and bill them as “Droid”.  Verizon is paying the licensing fee from LucasArts to use the word Droid in it’s promotion of the devices.  However Sanjay Jha told Credit Suisse that the landscape was changing and therefore next year they were spreading more across all the carriers.

With the Consumer Reports survey released today that said AT&T was the worst carrier, and the fact that iPhone customers in particular were dissatisfied with AT&T, Verizon is the optimum place to launch the iPhone.  Verizon also rolled out their LTE network Sunday and have always had pride in their superior network performance.  No one knows whether or not the new iPhone will be an LTE device however is Verizon considering the toll the iPhone users coupled with their existing Android users will have on it’s pipes?

Undoubtedly the iPhone on Verizon will carry a nice advertising campaign but will they turn their sales people into iPhone sales people?  How many times have you gone into the Verizon store and had someone sell you an Android device based on it being an iPhone alternative.

The paradigm of sales needs to change when it comes to Android.  In a lot of AT&T stores one of the saviors for Android sales has been the fact that iPhones weren’t available in the store or “sold out”. An educational campaign in both carriers would be the most effective way for people to see beyond the Steve Jobs blinders.

-Memory Expandability
– Form Factor
– Variations in speed in performance
– Customizable user interface
– Open OS
– Available alternative ROMS
– Variations in hardware
– Variations in Screen
–  The ability to have a keyboard
–  Video conferencing without the need for wifi

Those are just some of the sales factors sales people should use as reasons to buy Android over iPhone, in fact those are the reasons that Steve Jobs can’t easily change with the next release of IOS.

At allthingsd. Dive into Mobile yesterday Andy Rubin said there were an amazing 172 devices running Android. So if the sales culture changes semi-exclusivity with Verizon wouldn’t matter.

Source: PC Magazine

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