Verizon Gives The Gift of Learning This Holiday Season

Verizon through it’s Verizon Foundation will be offering some great educational tools this winter for teachers and students home on winter break. is the educational and literacy arm of the Verizon Foundation.  Thinkfinity offers over 55,000 free resources to students, teachers and parents for all K-12 students.

The website educational tools are easy to use, understand, teach and learn from.  They offer these tools and programs year round and offer seasonaly focused content every season.

Students can learn anything from Pearl Harbor to long distance airplanes. Thinkfinity covers just about every subject offered at grade levels K-12.

This winter their offerings include: “The Gift of Holiday Traditions; Kwanza, Chanukah and Christmas”; “Let’s Build a Snowman”; and “Putting the Ice in Ice Hockey”.

All of the content is offered in the form of interactive learning experiences and some feel like game.  The Verizon Foundation President, Patrick Gaston said “The holiday season is a magical time that presents tremendous teaching moments for parents and educators alike,” ;”Through Verizon Thinkfinity, anyone in reach of the Internet has easy access to fun, engaging resources to keep children learning through their winter break.”

Thinkfinity materials are offered free and through partnerships with 11 of the nations leading education and literacy organizations.

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