Verizon Cuts Prepaid Voice in Half, Doubles Cost of Text Messages

In a move to retain and acquire more prepaid customers, Verizon Wireless has cut the daily price of their prepaid access in half from $3.99 to $1.99.  Competition has heated up in the prepaid sector. Sprint owns prepaid brands Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile while Metro PCS and Cricket have both confirmed gains in customers.

Verizon Wireless’ $1.99 rate includes unlimited voice and texts at two Cents per message. The text messaging rate was original one cent per message. Verizon also offers a .99 cent option which includes unlimited mobile to mobile and 10 cent a minute voice. These plans only include feature phones and we are unclear what their smartphone prepaid service is. We know during the summer they rolled out availability of some smart phones on their prepaid grid.

Verizon’s biggest competitor, AT&T revamped their prepaid plans in October. Now, through their GoPhone brand, AT&T offers unlimited talk and text to prepaid customers at $2 per day.  AT&T does not currently offer any smartphone pricing through GoPhone and their smartphone customers who convert to GoPhone have no 3G data access.  AT&T is offering both the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad on prepaid models, perhaps thats an indication that their smartphone offerings for prepaid will increase.

Earlier today we reported that Cricket has seen a 40% increase in their smartphone customers

Source: FierceWireless