Tron Guy Denied Seat at Tron Because of his Tron Suit

We like saying the word Tron, we’ve done it quite a bit this week without directly making a reference to the movie… until now…

If you yourself are a “Tron Guy” than you probably know about Jay “Trony Guy” Maynard and his homemade Tron suit. Maynards suit is a replica of the 1980’s Tron suit.

Maynard told respectable <cough cough> news outlet TMZ that he called to give the local theater the heads up that he would be coming to the movie in his Tron suit and was told adamantly he’d be denied admittance for being too distracting. It’s unclear where Jay Maynard actually lives but if it’s somewhere with any decent sized movie theater they should be used to it, as it’s often the norm for costumed folks to come out for every Harry Potter release and even Twilight.

Maybe another theater will reach out to him and let him see it there. I wonder if they gave him a hard time about seeing Office Space dressed in his “the Stapler guy” costume.

Source: TMZ

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