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Touiteur May Have To Change It’s Name

Touiteur is one of the more popular Twitter applications for Android. It has a beautiful UI and is packed with features, even in the free version.  Apparently Level Up Studios, the creators of Touiteur are underfire from the powers that be at the microblogging site Twitter to change their name.

Back in October Twitter made some changes to their terms of service including their developer rules. The rules that changed dealt with the words tweet and twitter. In fact there was much debate as to whether popular twitter client, Tweet Deck, would also have to change their name. However as of now Tweet Deck is still Tweet Deck.

Twitter contends that Touiteur is just another way to say twitter. Most of the Touiteur users like the creatively french name that Level Up came up with.

It looks like Level Up is going to change the name and is asking its users to vote for the new name here

So go vote!

Source: Talk Android

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