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The New Android Market Vs The Old

We reported late Friday night that the Android Market is making a major overhaul over the next couple of weeks. Eric Chu reporterd and outlined some of the major changes for the new Android market on the Android Developer’s Blog.

One of the things that struck a nerve was the new App download refund policy. Where we used to have 24 hours to evaluate an app purchase we now have 15 minutes. There were many great points made, including piracy, finishing a game and that the Apple App Store doesn’t allow any refunds at all.  We’ve decided that an hour should be sufficient time. Our arguments were always about user convenience, like for example if a Verizon or Sprint customer downloaded an app and then received a 20 minute phone call, the refund window is now gone.  For more on that argument click here…

Now we have the new Android market on one  our Samsung Galaxy Tabs and have decided to compare the two. The old market vs. The new. What do you think. Watch the video and you’ll see what we think.

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