The Motorola Flipside on AT&T – Quick Review

The Motorola Flipside was introduced in October of 2010 along with two other great mid-range Android devices, the Motorola Flip Out and the Motorola Bravo.

AT&T and Motorola were harshly criticized with the release of their first Android device the Motorola Backflip in the spring of 2010. We on the otherhand liked it’s unique form factor making it almost the first phone with a front facing camera (lol). The Back Flip also had Motoblur on it and  a unique feature where you can use the back of the phone to navigate on the screen.

The Motorola Flipside, almost the Backflips replacement. Is a rock solid mid-range phone. It features Android 2.1 and the more customizable version of Motoblur.  Motoblur is Motorola’s custom UI that is very social media friendly and has custom widgets to access and share quickly to the social media you want.

Packed with a Texas Instruments OMAP processor at 720mhz, the Flipside is reasonably fast, and definitely not as laggy as last years Motorola Cliq on T-Mobile. Going from screen to screen is a breeze. The acceleromator is quick and moving between apps is painless. Accessing the notifications bar is also just as fast. Now of course it’s not a 1Ghz superphone but you will be pleasantly suprised with the speed.

The stock Android keyboard is spaced well for the real estate it takes up on the 3.1 inch High Res HVGA display. It has a

Motorola Flipside on AT&T has backlit 4row QWERTY keyboard

capacitive touch screen for quick response.  The Flipside is called Flipside because it has a slide out qwerty keyboard. Once slide out it revals a 4 row backlit keyboard with just about flat keys that are quick and responsive.

The camea is an easy to use 3mp camera and because of Android and MotoBlur it’s a cinch to upload photos quickly to your Facebook, Myspace or Twitter Account or share them via email.  The video camera records at a frame rate between 26-30fps. The Flipside also features an FM Tuner and the web browser features Adobe Flash lite.

Instead of a trackball there is a trackpad at the bottom of the screen that allows you to scroll up and down within apps or in the home screen. We did notice that it was easy to scroll down however sometimes when scrolling up it would click through instead of scoll up depending on the way the pad was swiped.

Check out our quick intro video and we’ll be back in a little while with a much more detailed review

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  1. what are the three small camera looking things on the front side of the flipside? Theres one near the middle top right under the ear speaker, and then one small one next to a bigger one in the top right corner of the phone.

  2. They’re talking about the backflip, which the camera would be on the front if you open the keyboard.

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