The Dell Streak 7 is Coming

We’re sure you’ve seen the original Dell Streak get some swift pricing changes and enhancements. This is probably to make way for the new 7″ version of the Dell Streak.

The new version of the Dell Streak is rumored to be 7″ and feature a Tegra 2 processor making it uber fast.  The original Dell Streak had a model number of M01M. A new Dell model number of M02M has been wifi certified and now some of the creative from their upcoming television campaign has been discovered by Engadget.

There are not a lot of details about the new version of the Dell Streak except it is being classified as an MID in the smartphone category  and it will feature Dell’s custom “Stage” UI (which isn’t that bad)

We are looking forward to seeing this unveiled at CES.  Hopefully Dell has learned a valueable lesson and will get the 7″ version out to market quicker than the almost year it took for the 5″ version

Source: Engadget

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