The Big 5 Carriers? Thats How It Will Be If Google Has Their Way

The title isn’t meant to mislead anyone in any way. That is correct Google becoming a Wireless Carrier… Or so there moves are reflecting… Remember in 2008 when the FCC opened up spectrum bidding Google came in with a giant bid of  4.6 Billion to start it… While they didn’t win nor at the time did they want to, or so we thought they did do something… They showed that while they might not have wanted to at the time, but in the future, make it so they were a major force in those bidding wars. While everyone talks about who will take over T-Mobile or Sprint no one realizes that Google may be the one to watch. They’ve already Bought off chunks of spectrum for there Wi-Fi.

In 2007 they bought out GrandCentral and 2 years later Google Voice was launched… Calls and Text messages all through Wi-Fi or a data connection… With the ability to make calls through Wi-Fi now with Google Voice and Google buying up those Wi-Fi spectrum from the FCC why wouldn’t Google then try and join the Big Four?

With carriers looking into charging for services such as YouTube, Facebook and others( as a hint from Google) now would be the perfect time(in couple years once more of a footprint was done with spectrum) launch there data on a package… You can make calls and text messages all through data using Google Voice. There would be no minutes to buy no amount of text message plan. You would need to look at which is best.

Google’s only reason as to why this wont be easy to happen? Is those carriers in which Google got buddy buddy with… They’ll pressure the government to block said advancement as monopolistic in which they’ll be the only one in which is able to do it and thus forcing the hand at those carriers to think of something to counteract Google’s move.

While I don’t see this happening this year or even next… I’ll hopefully be able to say that my carrier is Google. Here’s hoping for there first phone to be the NexusFive 😉

Source: CNN Money

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  1. Interesting article, I’d be open to hearing what Google had to offer, but am very happy with Sprint right now. But heck, if Google phones like the Nexus S were free? 🙂

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