T-Mobile Launching 4G Tablet In 2011

Yesterday Sprint reported that they were working on a 4G tablet. Although they didn’t specify what operating system the new device would have on it, they confirmed that they needed a 4G tablet as 80% of their business customers surveyed said yes they would like to add a tablet to their workforce.

Today, the Wall Street Journal is reporting that T-Mobile will also offer a 4G tablet in 2011.  Although the name 4G is being debated evverywhere you turn, T-Mobile qualifies their HSPA+ as “4G” and while we really don’t condone anyone using the “4G” moniker, T-Mobile has proven in speed tests that HSPA+ meets or exceed the speeds advertised by both Sprint and Verizon as “4G”

A tablet from T-Mobile or Sprint on 4G would be a welcome addition, especially by business folks who need access to high speed data on the go.  The tablet is catching on like wildfire. Samsung has reported that they have sold more than 1 million Samsung Galaxy Tabs. The Galaxy Tab is currently sold as a “3G” offering on both Sprint and T-Mobile.  However, although the Galaxy Tab is not an HSPA+ device we’ve personally noticed that the Galaxy Tab variant on T-Mobile runs faster in HSPA+ areas than “3G” areas much like the Nexus One runs at speeds of around 7 mbps download while on HSPA+

T-Mobile spokesperson Thomas Harlan said “T-Mobile will continue to be at the forefront of wireless innovation, delivering an aggressive 4G product lineup in 2011, including 4G tablets,”

As with Sprint it is unclear what OS the “4G” tablet would be running however T-Mobile has been a trendsetter with Android since the release of the G1

So there you have it…

Source: Wall Street Journal

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