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T-Mobile Best Place For Tablet Purchases, Says Analyst

Now that the Samsung Galaxy Tab has made it’s appearance on all 4 carriers and the ipad is at 2 carriers, what is the best place to get a tablet and other data intensive devices like netbookd and internet cards?

Well, according to Current Analysis’ Deepa Karthikeyan that place, in the United States, is T-Mobile! In Karthikeyan’s report issued November 29th T-Mobile came out about Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. T-Mobile offers data rate plans for prepaid, post paid and contract free plans. Verizon and AT&T are only offering contract free plans, while Sprint is only offering post paid plans. It’s also worth noting that AT&T is charging $50 extra for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. You do get that money back in the form of a $50 credit for Samsung media hub but if you don’t plan on taking advantage of that content it’s a waste.

T-Mobile’s high tier data plan is 5gb for $39.99. They say there are no overages, after 5gb they throttle your speed down.  T-Mobile also offers HSPA+ which in tests by reached the same if not better than Sprint/Clearwire’s Wimax service. While none of the Samsung Galaxy Tabs are “optimized for 4G” you do notice a huge difference using a T-Mobile Tab in an HSPA+ area vs using a Verizon tab in a 3G area.  Samsung would need to build a new Galaxy Tab specifically for Verizon’s 4G LTE and Sprint’s Wimax.

T-Mobile offers a variety of plans for all of their customer segments. They offer subsidized costs for tablets for new and existing customers, and throttles data after their data cap instead of just charging overages.  Couple that with their consistently high JD Power ranking in terms of customer service and that’s why they’re the best.

Source: Forbes via Phonearena

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