Steve Jobs Grinch: Apple Still Doesn’t Support Donations in App Store

Beth Kanter, consultant to the non profit industry and author on the subject has 366,000 followers on twitter. This week she let those followers know why she was switching to Android.  Her reason is simple, Apple does not allow bonafide charities to offer a donation button on their apps in the app store.

Small charities across the country and in middle America are faced with the same Apple distaste shown to huge charities like the American Cancer Society.  Apple simply doesn’t allow it.  It doesn’t really matter how big or small the charity, donations are not allowed. Some of the larger charities, like the American Cancer Society, have apps in the market but you are taken to the charities website to execute any kind of donation.

One of the issues may be that Apple takes a 30% cut off the top of all the Apps in the app store. Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller told the New York Times “We are proud to have many applications on our App Store which accept charitable donations via their Web sites.”

Earlier this year Apple did allow The Red Cross to solicit donations for Haiti’s earthquake victims via the itunes store. This was received as a signal to the non profit community that maybe Apple was turing an new stem. However that wasn’t the case.

Apple even went as far as to demand that Paypal take the donation button off of their app.  Perhaps Apple is afraid of fraud however in their vesting process for new apps that could easily be detected.

Apple not supporting non-profits? Thats almost like Google Checkout not offering gift cards. In this case it’s a definite win for Android. Non Profit organizations typically are very supportive of vendors that support them.

Source: New York Times , thanks Shaneus

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