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Sprint Jumps Into 4G War Thanks To A Rogue Corporate Communications Rep With False Information

AT&T and T-Mobile have been duking it out online in regards to 4G since T-Mobile started running commercials that spoof AT&T’ and Apple.  At one point in time both carriers took the war to their respective Facebook pages.

Earlie in the week Sprint Corporate Communications Representative Stephanie Vinge. Vinge tweeted the above message directly targeting T-Mobile and claiming that Sprint had the only 2 4G phones available and that T-Mobile didn’t have 4G service.  There have been numerous pieces on and many other sites about this topic.  We’ve been covering the ITU for a while and they just recently allowed Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile to call their networks 4G.

Vinge went on to try and defend her position after she looked, well, stupid on twitter. She tweeted that 4G was about more than speed.

The funny thing is when you speedtest Sprint’s WiMax network in an area covered by T-Mobile’s HSPA+ the speed test results on Evo vs even G2 are astronomically in favor of T-Mobile.  Often thought of as an inferior product to LTE, Dan Hesse admitted in his All Things Digital D: Dive Into Mobile interview that Sprint only went with WiMax because it was quicker to roll out.

Vinge hasn’t tweeted since saying she had done enough stirring up for one day. But really with 1750 followers she is quite irresponsible and albeit irrelevant.

No word yet on if Sprint has disciplined Vinge after the outburst.  Communications or PR representatives from the three other major carriers have never tweeted out such blatant misinformation before and it isn’t usually the case with Sprint.

Source: Intomobile & Twitter

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