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Sprint HTC Shift EVO 4G Comes Out of Hiding

Android Central got the scoop on this from Sprint User Group’s r0fl. The next big Android device to hit Sprint is supposed to be the HTC Shift Evo 4G. This device will be the follow up to the Sprint flagship HTC Evo device which came out late last spring.  It’s also said to be a variant of the T-Mobile G2 and the upcoming Verizon HTC Merge.

This is the first picture to show up with the keyboard fully extended. Android Central has been on top of the HTC Knight/Shift Evo 4G, covering the preliminaries, a case and an inventory screen shot. There’s no known release date for the Shift Evo 4G but with all this leakage it has to be right around the corner.

The full specs of the device have yet to be released however it does have a 3.7 inch touch screen, obviously a slide out qwerty keyboard, HTC Sense and both CDMA and WiMax radios which means it can operate on Sprint’s 4G network.  The device in the photo is actually in a hard shell case so it’s not as thick as it is in the picture. There is also no front facing camera so video conferencing is out.

Source: Androidcentral

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