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Sound Hound Now Totally Free

Call it a Christmas gift, holiday present or just good for business but soundhound, the music recognition app, has decided to offer free unlimited searches via it’s listen and tag software.

Previously users of the free app were subjectd to a total of 5 free look ups per month. Now, with fierce competition from rival Shazam, Soundhound has done the most logical thing and begun offering the “tagggin” free. In addition to free “song id” the user can see lyrics, look up artists and preview songs.  There are even more features allowed with the Sound Hound Infinity app which is a paid app in the market.

For the basic functionality users just activate the app and have it “listen” to the song so that Sound Hound can search it’s database and let the user know the title and artist.  Shazam is very similar. In fact our writer, Heaven Leigh, did this app battle between the two just last week.

Soundhound is the number 1 music app of it’s kind in the world with distribution in over 200 countries. It is also a top ranked music app in the Android Market.

Source: Soundhound via Businesswire

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