Skype Offers $1 Credit To Those Affected By Outage

On December 22, 2010 Skype experienced the worst outage in their companies history.  The outage lasted over 24 hours and kept many people that have turned to Skype as an alternative to a home or office phone, without service.

As the service started to go back online Skype did offer a detailed video and text explanation to outline what had happened.  Multiple events happened that rendered their p2p network unstable which eventually led to a critical error.

Yesterday Skype started setting it’s customers apology vouchers which were basically for $1 worth of credit on Skype. If you use Skype for International calls and you aren’t on an unlimited plan, the $1 credit can actually get you about 30 minutes worth of time, for others though the credit isn’t so valueable.

Although they experienced a lot of downtime Skype immediately took ownership of their problem and made an effort to reach back out to their customers.

This outage couldn’t come at a worse time as it is alleged that Skype will be looking to have an IPO sometime in 2011.

Source: ZDNet

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