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Shazam Adds 1Million Users Per Week; Trying TV Now Too

One of our favorite Android apps that isn’t related to twitter or publishing on is definitely Shazam. Shazam is the useful listen and tag application that everyone is talking about. According to Shazam CEO Andrew Fisher they have added 1 million users per week, between Android and iPhone,  consistently over the last 12 weeks.

Many a decade ago you would hear your favorite local dj (not many of those anymore) on the radio talking about a new song or album. You could run to the record store during lunch (not many of those anymore either) and then listen to the casette, or 8 track in the car on the way home or the record or cd when you got there. Nowadays Shazam allows you to hear a song on the radio, at the bar, or on tv, tag it and buy the song via the app.  Shazam says they sell 250,000 items per day this way. They’ve even integrated with local shows and concert tickets.

Lately though, realizing there may be a threshold in the music space, they’ve been trying interactives on television.  Last February they tested their TV appeal by showing a Shazam logo in a dockers commercial during the Super Bowl forcing thousands to run to shazam and see what it was all about.  Sine then they’ve tested the software with the Sci-Fi Network’s tv series Eureka (Fridays 9pm EST), there was a one a half second tagable interactive which drove thousands more to have Shazam “listen” and tag for special bonus content.

Fisher is looking forward to getting into more advertising opportunities for Shazam. They’ve recently added 60 new employees across their offices in Seoul, London and California.

Will you use Shazam to tag your shows?

Source: Financial Times

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