See I Was Right About Cityville

As a child of the 80’s born in the 70’s my first Sim like experience was with the original Sim City. Something always kept me coming back and when my cities were so big I’d destroy something and rebuild it.

As a twitter guy I don’t log into Facebook that much but I’ve had one for years.  I never once logged into Farmville. I never accepted an invite to join any of my friend’s mafia families.  I’m  a big mafia movie buff but it never struck me to try it. Yoville, that Cafe game, Petville, Fishville, nope nope nope nope and then nope…

Then came Cityville.

Since the beginning of December and the launch of Cityville I kept eyeing the little ad for it.  I saw a few pieces on Zynga and that they were working on Cityville, and then I took the plunge and signed up for Cityville.

The game feels like the original Sim City or Sim City 2000 (which came out way before that). The game just makes more sense. Fill your city with people, grow “goods” stock, sell, restock, make money buy more Cityville stuff. It’s that easy. I’m by far from an addict, I don’t have time for that, but it’s fun.

How much fun? How about in a game that’s only been available for 27 days it is already the biggest game in Facbeook history. Cityville debuted on December 2nd with 290,000 people signed up. Within days the game had grew to 3 million users. By the next week that doubled to 6 million. Now Cityville (remember just 27 days later) has 72 million active monthly users, about 22 million more than Foursquare and 25% more than Zynga’s signature hit Farmville.

Yup Citvyville is that big.  Want to neighbor me? Click here and friend me first

Source: Techcrunch

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