Saturday is Angry Birds Day!

Rovio Mobile is sponsoring the first every Angry Birds day and they want us, those Angry Birds nuts, to get involved.

No pun on twitter intended but Rovio is encouraging Angry Birds Tweet Ups on Saturday December 11th. Get involved, get out of the house even if it’s to get to your corner restaurant or bar and sit around and play your favorite game. Rovio has set up a meet up page at where you can check out your local area and see if they are sponsoring an Angry Birds Meet up.  If they’re not, make one.

Rovio has even made posters for your community tweet up below:

Angry Birds is adding 1 million players a week across all platforms and just won a mobile excellence award at a ceremony in Los Angeles at the Paramount Studios backlot where we were present.  Rovio even said they project to make $1 million dollars per month on the ad based Android version.

Are you an Angry Birds addict then make sure you celebrate Angry Birds Day.

Source: Angry Birds Blog
Meet up Link: Here

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