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Samsung Joins The Verizon 4G LTE Phone Leaks (Not Rumors)

When Tony Melone said the 4G LTE handsets were coming he wasn’t joking! Gizmodo got this nice close up of a new Samsung Android handset. Fresh on the heels of the Samsung Nexus S we now see the Samsung SCH-I520.

In case you are visually impaired and can’t read the screen shot this is obviously a Samsung device, noted by the SCH in the identifier. It’s obviously android based on the “about phone” screen pic and the firmware version. Currently it’s offering Froyo in fact Android 2.2.1. It’s obviously Verizon based on their logo on the top and it’s obviously 4G hence the icon at the top of the home screen.

This week HTC and now Samsung have stolen Motorola’s (handset only) thunder. Yes Motorola is bringing the heat with their Honeycomb tablet dubbed “Xoom”

Question, why if Samsung OBVIOUSLY has the Gingerbread goodness , would they release a new generation of smartphone with an older version of Android. We can’t blame HTC nor Motorola (we guess) because neither of them has put out a Gingerbread device but Samsung has so what’s the deal Sammy?

We will surely see this baby at CES in just a couple of weeks but for now we are drooling over the photo.

Source: Gizmodo

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