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Samsung Intercept Froyo Update Fix Available Now

The internet has been buzzing with reports that the official Android 2.2 (Froyo) update for the Samsung Intercept has had some major flaws, in some cases bricking the phone.

If you are having problems with the Samsung Intercept Froyo update and your phone is not “bricked” then follow the directions below to get Froyo working on your Intercept. reports that Froyo must be installed on your intercept for this to work (duh)

1. Click on the link below and save it to an SD card
2. Put the SD card in phone
3. Remove battery
4. Replace battery
5. Hold Volume Down, Talk and End until “Android system recovery” screen comes up
6. Scroll down to the second option “apply”
7. Press enter
8. Find something else to do for about ten minutes while the phone fixes itself and restarts

Here is the Zip file that you need

This is the procedure official Sprint stores are using to fix the ill updated Samsung Intercepts.

Source: Briefmoble Thanks Korey!

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