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Samsung Galaxy “Touch” (YP-GB1 PMP) Headed to CES

The new Samsung YP-GB1 personal media player is very similar to the one we saw at IFA 2010 in Berlin back in September.  It looks and feels like a Samsung Galaxy S phone except for one big feature, it doesn’t have cellular access and comes preloaded with Froyo.

The Samsung YP-GB1 is in essence the “Galaxy Touch”. You have access to the internet via wifi and it even supports blue tooth.  The YP-GB1 is said to have access to the Android market despite not having a cellular radio. It will also have access to Samsung Media Hub, their own iTunes-esque over the air media store.

The Samsung Galaxy S phones are teetering on sells of 10 Million worldwide, at last count there were 9.3 million sold, which is just 700,000 short of their 2010 goal. The fact that the YP-GB1 comes with Froyo as stock has many an American Galaxy S user wondering where their Froyo is.

Source: Slash Gear/ Android Community

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