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Samsung Galaxy S Rated Best Device Across All Carriers By Consumer Reports

The Samsung Galaxy S was rated best device across all carriers. Samsung made a bold move when it announced it’s Android based superphone would come out on all four carriers close to simultaneously.

The Samsung Epic 4G on Sprint’s Now Network was the most feature packed of the four main variants. Released to the public first, the Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile came loaded with Avatar which looked beautiful on Samsung’s SuperAMOLED screen. The Samsung Captivate on AT&T was the second phone released and the Samsung Fascinate on Verizon featured Microsoft’s Bing search engine instead of Google and an LED flash for still and video.

With the hummingbird processor, SuperAMOLED screen, Touch Wiz interface, 6 Axis sensor and more Samsung offered a super smart phone at a smart phone price.  A slew of aggressive discount pricing among carriers including BOGO pricing on Verizon helped catapult the Galaxy S to success.

It was announced last Friday that Samsung had replaced Motorola as the #1 maunfacturer of Android handsets in the US. Samsung attributed most of that success to the Galaxy S lineup and the consumers obviously agreed.


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