Rumor: Samsung Working On Qwerty Tablet With WP7 “Gloria”

CNet UK and French website are reporting that Samsung is prepping the sequel to the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the formm of a 10″ Tablet with a qwerty keyboard.  Unfortunately they are saying this tablet will feature the Windows Phone 7 operating system instead of Google’s Android OS.  Not sure why they would do that having already sold 1 million Samsung Galaxy Tabs after just about a month of being on the global market.

When we attended IFA in Berlin Germany this past September, Samsung Mobile head JK Shin said they were working on a whole portfolio of tablets. He eluded to the fact that a honeycomb tablet was in the cards however noone asked about Windows phone 7.

Samsung had produced a Windows Mobile “tablet” back when they were called “Ultra Mobile PCs”, called the Samsung Q1 ultra.

The Samsung Q1 Ultra released in 2008

Details at this time are sketchy and we can only take this as rumor.  We doubt we will see this tablet next month at CES but it could be in the cards for Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in February.

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