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Review: Motorola Bravo With Motoblur on AT&T

Motorola announced 7 new handsets at CTIA in October, three of those phones were headed to AT&T. They are the Flip Out, Flip Side and Bravo. All three devices are in the midrange category and feature Motorola’s custom user interface, MotoBlur.  According to Motorola Mobility CEO, Sanjay Jha, 4 million people are currently using Motoblur.

At the Credit Suisse Technology Conference Jha eluded to the fact that the competitive landscape at Verizon is changing and that Motorola would be offering their “Super Phones” to more than just one carrier.  In Motorola’s inverstors road show presentation Jha also highlights an aggresive approach to more midrange smartphones. The Motorola Bravo definitely fits into that category.

The first thing we notice is the form factor. It’s a candy bar style phone with a curvy sleek body and the perfect size for the palm of your hand.  It’s just a little larger than the Motorola Citrus on Verizon.

Although the Citrus also features MotoBlur, the Bravo requires you to set up a MotoBlur account to even gain access to the device where the Citrus does not.  MotoBlur is a great social networking tool that consolidates and aggregates all of your social networking feeds into easy to use and interact with widgets. More experienced users don’t like the simplicity of the interface but it’s perfect for young adults, feature phone migrators and people who are social media addicts.  It’s important to know though that as with HTC Sense and Samsung TouchWiz, Motorola Blur’s Twitter integration is not designed for folks with more than say 600 followers.

As with all Android phones the Motorola Citrus also takes advantage of the many benefits of Google apps. When you register your Google account on any Android device, you get access to your Google Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Gtalk and Google Voice. Your Google account also is your registration for the App Market and now has latitutde.

The 1540 mAh battery gave us a good solid 9 hours of uptime with heavy use on hootsuite, wordpress, web browsing, SMS, and phone calls. When we got to the 15% point the battery seemed to go dead a lot quicker.

The Bravo features Motorola’s Crystal Talk technology which meant that calls to and from the phone were pretty clear. We took it through several AT&T deadzones and the phones been in 6 cities since we got it and no one complained about clarity. We were able to hold calls through some dead spots and as always with AT&T data kept going while we were on calls.

It’s an AT&T Android device so that means no side loading apps for you but in 3G apps download from the market quick and efficiently. The 800 mhz processor makes it pretty quick for a midrange device. Android 2.1 is quickly being outnumbered by Android 2.2 and Motorola can be a little slow with upgrades however it more than adequately gets the job done.

The 3Megapixel camera takes pretty good pictures.

Our review of the Motorola Flipside posted earlier in the week and we are still reviewing the Flip Out but I can safely say that out of the three new Motorola midrange devices offered on AT&T, the Flip Side gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

Check out a couple photos and some video:

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