Qualcomm Issuing Hardware Refunds For Flo TV

So did you jump on the flotv bandwagon at your local Radio Shack because you’re an early adopter and need every gadget? Then, were you disappointed to hear the technology flopped? Well we’ve got some good news for you. It’s not often that a company puts out a product that flops and you can get your money back, but Qualcomm is changing that.

In October Qualcomm announced it was suspending the Flo TV service for all consumers, and now it’s been announced that Flo TV is going officially offline on March 27, 2011

Customers who purchased the FLO TV Personal Television, the Audiovox Portable DVD Player with FLO TV and FLO TV Auto Entertainments units can get a full refund for the retail purchase price of their product less shipping and taxes.  Once you file for the rebate your service will be cut off within 72 hours and the check will arrive within 4-6 weeks.  The rebate program is open until April 30, 2011 so if you choose to watch your FLO TV until the bitter end in March you can still do that.

To get the rebate head here

You’ll need your Device ID and Authorization Code
Name and email associated with your FLO TV account
Mailing address for where to send the check and your phone number.

It’s not often that a company botches up a product launch and offers a full refund on the hardware.  Qualcomm would have been more succesful with FLO TV a couple years earlier.

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