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Popular VLC Media Player Coming to Android

The popular multi format VLC Media Player is coming to Android in a a few weeks.

If you’re not familiar with VLC it’s a popular media player for Linux, Windows and Mac. The VLC media player supports Xvid, Divx and Dolby True HD in addition to a lot of other video and audio formats. The lead developer for the VLC Android project, Jean Baptiste Kempf, said that it will be ready in “a few weeks”. The successful media player has already been ported to IOS.

Kempf warned that the player may have some trailing issues in the beginning. Because of the various types of Android devices, some may not support all of VLC’s formats. Kempf said this may cause some delays. The VLC project has been going on for months however Google just released an updated NDK which helped move the project along.

VLC is an extremely thin player (lightweight app) that works with a number of popular formats making the player very popular.  VLC was released to IOS in September. Hopefully we will truly get it in a few weeks.

Source: GigaOM

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