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Our Biggest Android Disappointment of 2010

We will have our bests of Android for 2010 next week including our Best Community Member of 2010 which we are currently polling via twitter. The worst though is so much easier to do for  some reason.

We’ve looked at some other sites and while we agree they were some bad turkeys out there, for us, considering the big picture from a user stand point, sales and marketing is hands down the Motorola Devour on Verizon Wireless.

Do you remember the excitement that was drawn up for the Motorola Devour. A quick google search will quickly remind you that around this time last year we were starting to hear the rumors about the Motorola Devour. Not only were their handset rumors but how about a rumor of a multi-million dollar Megan Fox studded Super Bowl commercial (can we say superbowl here)

Not only was the handset an overall disappointment but today had this story which shows the Motorola update schedule and it seems they don’t care too much about the Devour either as it’s staying on Android 1.6

Here are our runners up:

– Sony Xperia X10 for rolling out umpteen months late in the United States and still on 1.6
– The Camangi Webstation. This the only “tablet” we were excited about after CES last year, BIG Disappointment
– Motorola Charm (not the Motorola Flip Out we like the flip out because of it’s unique form factor and almost front facing camera) The Motorola Charm was expected to be the unique Blackberryesque device but just like Blackberry the display sucks and the keyboard is well, not that great.
What was your worst for 2010?
– Bing being the default search engine on all non Droid branded Android devices on Verizon Wireless

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