New Sony Ericcson Android Device Shows up in Picassa

Pocketnow has found a new Sony Ericcson Android device dubbed “Hallon” in a Picasa photo album filled to the brim with over 100 test shots, presumed to be from the phone pictured here. The model number for this phone is said to either be MT15i or LT15i

This is not the new PlayStation phone. This phone is reportedly running Android with Sony Ericcson’s proprietary translucent UI on top.  Look at the pics closely and you’ll notice probably the largest front facing camera you’ve ever seen.

The Picassa account is very interesting as it seems to be an account used by in-house people at Sony Ericcson to test new phone cameras.  One of the users of this account is rachel.tester. Rachel is the codenamed of the upcoming Sony Ericcson Anzu so the source link is speculating that the pictures were taken by the Anzu which is said to be a follow up to the original X10.

What’s real is the pictures everything else is carefully put together speculation, but the good kind.

Source: Pocketnow

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