MySpace Not For Sale, Says CEO Mike Jones

The hotseat shifted or rather moved from San Francisco California to France for the LeWeb conference. The conference started yesterday and concludes today with a whole slew of industry players including Marissa Meyer of Google, Dennis Crowley of Foursqaure and Mike Jones embattled CEO of Myspace.

As we reported earlier this fall, NewsCorp (MySpace’s Parent Company) Chase Carey, said that he was open to any options for myspace. They have seen their revenues fall consistently month over month for the last 18 months.

Today while while backstage at LeWeb Jones told Bloomberg that Myspace was not in talks with anyone about a sale or merger and that NewsCorp would give them enough time to turn things around.  Even going on to say “I will be involved in any discussions that happen,” Jones said in the interview. “Right now there are no discussions.”

Carey’s remarks here basically suggest the opposite.

MySpace was purchased by Fox Parent, Newscorp in 2005 for $580 million dollars. Carey, speaking on a conference call on November 3rd after quarterly results were posted said MySpace’s losses “are not acceptable or sustainable.”

Source: Bloomberg