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Quick Look: Motorola Cliq Receives 2.1

The Long Haul:

In January 2010, Motorola’s CEO Sanjay Jha announced at CES that the Motorola Cliq would be updated to Android 2.1. Since that announcement Cliq owners waited for the update as each quarter passed. At the end of quarter two Motorola postponed the update to ensure the best possible user experience once it was released. Finally, on November 9th, 2010 Motorola officially released the long awaited 2.1 update for the Motorola Cliq.

2.1-Eclair Sweetened by Froyo:

Motorola included many new features in the long awaited update for the Cliq. The update is officially called 2.1.5, due to the addition of Android 2.2’s Jit Compiler. Below you will find a list of enhancements that waits in the 2.1 update.

• 7 screens-2 more screens, giving you more room for widgets and applications

• Re-sizable Widgets-Giving you the ability to re-size certain widgets

• Task Manager-This is the built in Task Manager helps improve battery life with an auto end list

• Ability to Customize Happenings-Now you can choose which contacts to display and from what account.

• New Widgets:

  • Contact Quick Task-Widget for the people that you call and text the most
  • Sticky Note-Keep all your important notes right on your home screen

• Improved Media Player:

  • Internet Radio
  • Lyric Display
  • Tune Wiki

• New Google Apps:

  • Speech to Text
  • Voice Search
  • Turn by Turn Navigation

• Improved Multimedia Apps- Giving you better access to the Media Gallery and Connected Music Player

• Multiple Google Accounts- This gives you the ability to sync multiple Gmail accounts within the Gmail application on the phone

• Jit Compiler (Froyo Addition)- This runs after the program has started and compiles the code

A Little Less Sweet:

Even though the 2.1 update includes many new features, several people are wondering why the two most wanted aspects of 2.1 were left out of the Cliq’s update. From what I gather Live Wallpapers were left out do to poor performance and battery life. Multi-touch could not be included do to the lack of hardware in the Motorola Cliq. A small disappointment, but if they had been included it would have drastically changed the performance of the phone.

The Future of the Cliq:

As 2.1 has finally been released many people are wondering what the future has in store for the Cliq. Unfortunately, it is uncertain at this time. Motorola has not confirmed nor denied future bug fixes or updates for the Cliq. So when and if we see any future enhancements are uncertain. However, my personal opinion on the matter of the Cliq is that we may see a bug fix or two, but as far as any future upgrades I doubt it due to the hardware limitations in the Cliq.

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