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More Tablets at CES: Viewsonic Bringing 4G Phone Capable Tablet?

A very reliable publication, The Wall Street Journal, is reporting today that California based Viewsonic is bringing a tablet to CES that is 4G capable and phone equipped as well.
The Wall Street Journal says that Viewsonic’s newest tablet adventure will run Android and feature a 4″ screen. The Wall Street Journal is referring to this device as a tablet-hybrid, however at a 4″ screen size it’s more of a smartphone than a tablet. There is no explanation for why they are calling it tablet hybrid.
The Wall Street Journal also only said that it was 4G.  With the other tablets and smartphones that are headed to Verizon theyve always managed to tack on the LTE to 4G so it’s possible that this tablet could land on Sprint or T-Mobile which both use the term “4G’ to identify their wimax and HSPA + networks.
We know that Viewsonic will be showing off the G-Tablet again, with their recently reported software revisions and possibly two more tablet devices.  As we said earlier, this year we may see as many tablets as we saw last year at CES however this year all the bigger companies are coming out with tablet products.  Although relatively new to the tablet space Viewsonic is still a rather large company in the industry.

Source: Wall Street Journal via Intomobile

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