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Microsoft Kin Just Won’t Go Away

You know that relative that stays a little longer than everyone else for family events, be it Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, who knows, you know that Kin that just won’t go away? Well enter in Microsoft Kin. In this case Microsoft Kin 2m.

When we reported that Microsoft Kin was really dead this time, two weeks ago, we really kind of sort of meant it. Verizon Wireless and Microsoft announced the closing of their Kin Studio site where users could have unlimited back up storage and the ability to share pictures, videos and other things across social media networks. Even after a big launch party it just didn’t catch on.  That hasn’t changed, Microsoft and Verizon are still closing the Kin Studio site, however they’ve both agreed to the new Microsoft Kin 2M which is now just a feature phone.

From the beginning of Kin One and Kin Two reviews, the keyboard and form factor were very appealing, in fact most analysts and journalists felt the downfall to the original Kin ecosytem was price.  So now we have the Microsoft Kin 2M which is a feature phone, good for text messaging and light mobile web. It also features Zune Pass which must be used via wifi and sideload.  8GB is a good enough memory to have some jams on the phone for the road.

The Kin Studio, Facebook and Twitter integration are gone, but the price is now just $49.99 and it doesn’t require a special plan.

Source: PC Magazine

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