LTE: Live Verizon LTE Rollout part 2

11:36 Ina Fried: talk a little bit about the hurdles of mixing voice and data

11:27AM Firece Wireless: How will  you let consumers know how much data they use  Answer: Alerts set up to alert consumers at 50% 75% 90% 100%. Access Manager will tell consumers total actual data anytime

11:25am Question: Roger Chang Dow Jones: What was your thinking behind the new data plans: Answer: A significant amount of customers may embrace the network and 5gb will not be enough. The $80 price plan is the one they feel customers may gravitate to to meet their needs


11:22AM Melone equates LTE to Android said Android really took off when Verizon got behind it

11:21AM 3 Keypoints: Commitment to Superior Network Performance, Sunday is just the beginning they will continue to finetune the network and expand the network. Continued aggressive expansion and help drive the ecosystem. They believe customers will demand as much. Finally closing on the fact that not all 4G is the same

11:21AM  We will see more devices announced at CES January 2011 only modems until then

11:20AM Tony Melone saluting LG as their biggest partner

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