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Logitech Revue Production Halted By Google

Earlier in the week we reported that Google has asked it’s manufacturer partners to not make announcements of their Google TV products at CES.  Today digitimes is reporting that Google has also asked Logitech to halt production of the Logitech Revue a set top box that allows users to access Google TV in conjunction with their current cable provider.

Google TV has had some trouble getting off the ground since initially being announced last spring.  Google TV was released earlier this fall in products with partners Sony, Logitech, Intel and Direct TV.  Price points as well as programming concerns have led to lackluster sales this holiday season.

All 4 major TV networks along with the networks of Viacm have restricted access to the content portions of their websites via Google TV.  Google TV, as demonstrated in October, allows the user to search on an overlay screen and get access to live programming, DVR programming, social media sites, websites and archived content on the web based on the program you searched.  We are unsure if the network problems were known at launch but found it peculiar that they used the Food Network as a demonstration point.

Despite the Viacom announcement (the last network to deny access to their web programming) Google TV looked like new life would be pumped into it from new partners Toshiba, Samsung and Vizio. Vizio and Toshiba have backed off their CES plans at Google’s request and Samsung said they will tone it down.

Logitech, on the other hand, has a product out on the market. The Logitech Revue was forecasted to sell 500,000 units by the end of the year. Now they have told partner Gigabyte to halt production until Google has the chance to tweak some kind of problem related to Android distribution, which Logitech relies on?

It’s important to note that this is a production halt and not a recall as there are still Logitech Revue units out at retail that are expected to sell through until January.

Source: Digitimes

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