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LG Update: Considering Gingebread for Optimus Line

LG came under fire this week when it said via facebook that the LG Optimus line of Android devices would not receive the Gingerbread update.  The original reason for this was said to be because Gingerbread required a 1ghz processor, which the Optimus line doesn’t have.

Many credible sources denounced this statement by saying Google recommends at 1ghz processor but doesn’t have a minimum requirement.  LG has finally issued a statement which was originally published by Engadget that says:

So LG is admitting that they may have jumped the gun in their initial reaction to the question posed to them on Facebook.  The LG Optimus line was the first midrange Android device to release with Android 2.2 Froyo, which was a definite plus for LG. However they should’ve planned to at least upgrade to the next available version of Android.

“LG released information prematurely regarding the minimum processor upgrade requirements for the LG Optimus. Google recently announced the Gingerbread platform and has not yet published the Gingerbread Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) or the public branch open source code. Once the CDD and the source code is public, LG will evaluate the upgradability of the Optimus Series. We apologize for any confusion or misunderstanding. We will alert you as soon as more information on this topic is available.”

After they review all the material hopefully they will decide to optimize the Optimus for Gingerbread.

Source: Engadget

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