IBM Releases Lotus Notes Traveler For Android

Photo caption: Available on December 14, IBM Lotus Notes Traveler for Android is no charge software that can be downloaded by Lotus Notes customers which provides secure two-way, over-the-air synchronization of information between Lotus Domino and mobile devices including tablets and smartphones. Here is what it looks like on a phone featuring the Android OS.

IBM and Lotus have been staples in the business of well business for decades now.  Lotus was one of the original software packages that got business people organized.

IBM has designed Lotus Notes traveler with the business person who uses their own personal smartphone, laptop and tablet instead of company supplied equipment. Lotus Notes Traveler is the first “native” enterprise grade email system for Android. The free app allows people who use Lotus Domino as their email client on their laptops and desktops at work, the ability to wirelessly sync their info to their Android device.  Using Lotus allows employers to give the freedom for employees to use whatever device or operating system they want without having to be tied down to say a blackberry enterprise/exchange scenario.

The increase in popularity of the Android OS along with the increasing popularity in the trend for businesses to stop supplying smartphones and letting employees use their own, drove IBM to release it’s Lotus Notes to Android.

IBM purchased Lotus 15 years ago and has grown it to be one of the most widely used email and organization software suites in large corporations and businesses.

Source: IBM

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