HTC Sends Another Shot This Time Revealing It Is A Verizon 4G LTE Device

Last night we reported on the 10 shots of an HTC device that were mysteriously “leaked” out.¬† Apparently the leaker had time to stage the photos in near perfect light, almost like a studio, and shoot the photos before sending them out to 5 of the major industry websites… right….

The pictures yesterday were really not that impressive, a bezel, a camera, a flash, a micro usb slot, that kind of stuff. Today’s shot though, leaked to Gizmodo, clearly shows the top of the same phone, the Time in true HTC Sense fashion and a 4G/LTE icon with blazing signal coverage.

Slashgear/Android Community suggests that this picture was taken at the same time as the others just holding back to feed into the mayhem that they are causing with this phone, the HTC Mecha.

We expect to see the phone at CES in two weeks, but what would be more clever is if they sent all the tech journlists on a scavenger hunt to find it piece by piece.

Source: Slashgear
Photo: Gimodo

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