HTC Scorpion Shows Up on Gameloft’s Website

The rumors have died down about the upcoming HTC Scorpion.  The Scorpion is supposed to feature a 1.5ghz processor and Android 2.2 froyo out of the box.

No one is really sure what will become of the HTC Scorpion. Originally it was said to have a wimax radio for 4G which would mean it was headed to Sprint however back in June, Android Central got a tip that the phone may be headed to Verizon and be equipped for LTE Service. Heck at this point we don’t even know if it’s Android or Windows Phone 7 anymore.

No matter what the story is though, Our good friends at Phandroid dug up this little nugget today, that the name “HTC Scorpion”  has come up in Game Loft’s system under a pull down menu to see compatible devices.

Does that mean the HTC Scorpion is around the corner?

Source: Phandroid
Image: TFTS

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