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HTC Planned Leaks Result in 10 Pictures of Nothing

Some of the major websites in our industry received some non-blurry-cam pictures late Tuesday from an unofficial, or maybe it was an official, HTC leaker.  Tech Crunch did a great job of editorializing this whole escapade, but if you don’t read Techcrunch here’s the lowdown.

Taylor Wimberly over at is always talking about “planned leaks” what is a planned leak? Well it works like this, one of the best ways to build momentum for a new device is to get it going via the blogsphere. Someone either at the manufactuer, carrier, or PR firm is actually the one behind the “blurry cam” pics sending them to some of the top industry sites out there. We’ve even been on the receiving end of that usually coming from some generic yahoo or gmail address. So the blog gets the pics, runs the story, gets picked up by another site and then a snow ball of free press.

Some of these leaks as of late have been the HTC Merge, The Droid X, The Droid Pro, Samsung Nexus S, and the biggest one happening right now, isn’t the HTC device this story is about, but rather the Sony Playstation phone. You see Sony Ericcson needs to pick up some momentum, fast and furiously.

Then you’ll ping the PR Firm on record for the manufacturer, in this case WE and ask them about the device and of course they’ll reply with something like “There is no device” in fact we went to WE about the HTC Merge which has shown up in Entrepreneur magazine as an advertisement and Linda Mills told us there was no such device for which we replied that they better get with the Creative team that does their print advertising…

So back to Tuesday.  Tech Crunch, Crunch Gear (the same entity), Slash Gear, Engadget, Android Central and Gizmodo all reeived a total of 10 different pics of presumably the same device, in hopes to spark some interest in some new device HTC will release at CES either at their booth or one of the few special events they are holding.  Here’s the problem though the pictures show nothing really interesting, the camera, the flash, the battery area, the micro USB slot, the rounded edges, really nothing that interesting.

So is this the HTC Knight, Speedy, Merge, Shift,Mecha? Who knows. Maybe we should print the pictures out and match them at CES.  Heck theres nothing identifying it as even running Android, but Android Central received the pics so it’s safe to say it is. Most of the sites are sticking with the HTC Mecha the presumed HTC Incredible HD, perhaps LTE. All of the sites made reference to the fact that they know their friends in the tech journalistic space got different pictures of the same device.

Whatever it is are you really excited about a battery compartment, flash and micro-usb slot?

Here are the pics

And Because we don’t Skip Source:
Source: Tech Crunch, Slash Gear, Android Central, Gizmodo, Engadget

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