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HTC Droid Thunderbolt More Photos! Not Bingafied

Our friends over at Droid-Life have posted a great treat for you guys following HTC’s next 4G phone the HTC Droid Thunderbolt.

You may remember HTC has been strategically leaking pics all over the place, not the “blurrycam” ones but these nice professionally shot photos. Last week we ran a story about Slashgear, Techcrunch, Androidcentral, Engadget and Gizmodo receiving a bunch of pics of this exact same phone. Droid Life was sent the real goodies today!

So far HTC, Motorola and Samsung are expected to release Android devices for Verizon’s 4G/LTE network.  HTC is looking to make this another first. They were first with a 4G handset with the Evo 4G on Sprint.  They also lay claim to the first two 4G handsets on T-Mobile the G2 and the My Touch 4G. Now HTC is going to claim the first 4G handset on Verizon with the HTC Droid Thunderbolt.

Good News After The Break

We noticed behind the kickstand is the “with google” logo that appears on Android devices that feature Google’s search as default and seamless integration with Google Apps. You may be aware of our deep difference in agreement with Verizon’s strategy to put Bing as the default search and maps on non “Droid” branded phones.

We’ve heard from one of our Verizon ninjas (the one that leaks us credible photos) that the HTC Droid Thunderbolt is just that, the Droid Thunderbolt and therefore comes with Google instead of Bing!

We expect pricing and release date at CES

Source: Droid Life

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